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I would like to welcome you to our website. It has been a goal if mine since I started the Good Morning Wall Street  videos to expand the offerings of these videos to my audience and develop the tools  to help one become a better trader, investor or speculator. After a great deal of hard work,  provides not only investment videos but thorough research analysis to help you through each week.

This website is geared towards individuals investors and anyone seeking to gain more insights into the market. Each week we put out two market commentary videos that offer unique investment advice driven off our work on short interest, options, seasonality and proprietary technical indicators.  The occasional educational video will continue to be produced on but make no mistake about it these new investment videos will be worth their weight in gold.

If you are a professional investor and that includes financial advisors we would direct you to for a review of our offerings and to choose Contact Us to get set up a trial to review our products

Besides the investment videos, our website offers much more. Every Monday we delve into what events will impact the markets with The Week Ahead and our Weekly Squeeze Screens. There is also access to a variety of seasonality screens on stocks in the S&P 100 and Dow Jones Industrial Average as well as ETFs and Fidelity mutual funds.

Each month you will have access to our monthly newsletter which reviews big macro ideas as well as stock specific analysis.

As an added tool, use our StockWatcher to follow our indicators on your choice of ten stocks. 

Additionally, members will receive a discount on our software product.

We hope that you enjoy our enhancements to the website and become a member in the near future.


Philip B. Erlanger, CMT

P.S. For those seeking a really great deal, we are offering for a limited time a founding membership.


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We best learn by experience... by seeing... by example. Good Morning Wall St. strives to use the video medium to make it easy to assimilate complicated material. Stock market research comes alive and is instantly valued when the observer can see it in action. Here are some samples:

B.I.G. 2019 Presentation: Phil Erlanger's slides from presentation.





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